dimanche 24 mars , 2019
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Archmodels for Unreal Engine vol. 4

We present our first collection of trees for Unreal Engine – Archmodels for UE vol. 4.

You can buy this collection in Evermotion Shop: http://goo.gl/15pqYC

– The collection consists of high quality trees models and a complete Unreal Engine scene.

– Added 12 animated cameras using new sequence edtior.

We also included stones, bough, trunk and fern. 60 models total!

– All foliage models are animated.
– Trees have vertex paint for Unreal Engine.
– Each model has at least 1k textures for leaves and 2k textures for trunk.
– Average polycount: 80k.
– Trees included in this collection come from northern hemisphere climate zone. This collection consist of European and North American species.

You can buy Archmodels for Unreal Engine vol. 4 in Evermotion Shop: http://goo.gl/15pqYC

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