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12 Species of Aliens

Do aliens exist? Are there really cat aliens that used to be worshipped by Egyptians or huge Sasquatch aliens roaming around

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6. The Sasquatch Aliens
These large humanoid aliens have been known to live in forests where they search food like roots, nuts and berries. They have managed to avoid human contact for the most part due to their heightened senses. They have human like faces but with the bodies of harry primates and can reaches the height of 6 to 9 feet. The Sasquatch have remained in peace with humans and will only attack in self defense or if they believe they will be uncovered.These creatures have the ability to cloak themselves and become invisible to avoid human contact. Due to genetic mutation experiments with humans, other types of Sasquatch aliens and human hybrids have been created in bases in Area 51. Not knowing what to do with these large primates, the government released them in isolated areas in Russia during the cold war, hoping to see if they would attack or strike fear in the Russian population.

5. The Moon-Eyes
This species of aliens live on our very own moon and have been peaceful with humans since we made contact with them. They have pale blue skin which are extremely sensitive to light and their eye sockets stick out of their head. It’s possible that they are the same type of aliens we met during the moon landing according to John Lear. These being can reach heights of 7-8 feet tall and are encountered mostly in deep caves. They are somewhat nomadic and tend to travel wherever they can find food.

4. Mothmen
Mothmen are extremely intelligent species and possess moth like wings that allow them to fly long distances. The ones who have seen them have described them as very cunning and aggressive to anything they come in contact with. The first ones to have reportedly seen this alien are from point pleasant, West Virginia in November 1966. A newspaper was actually published, sayin “couple sees Man-Sized Bird… Creature… Something. The story was spread around the entire country. It takes a striking resemblance to what we perceive as the image of Satan.. A 12 foot statue was was built of this creature in the small city of point pleasant dedicated to the sighting. When people claim to have seen a devil or demon, it’s very possible that it was actually the species of alien, known as the Mothman.

3. The Greys
These are the most common alien spotted by humans in the United States. The greys have performed so many genetic mutations to themselves to the point where they can no longer reproduce and rely on a form of cloning to stay in existence. Humans had made a deal with these aliens, when they had landed on earth. We agreed to share our genetics in exchange for advances in technology. The contribution of our genetics now allows them to reproduce and they now look slightly more like us. In result, a new species of alien, human hybrids now exist on a different planet close to theirs. Most abductions had to do with this agreement as well. Several employees at Area 51 are in fact grey aliens who help our government advance their flying aircraft technology and is chosen location to where the cloning projects for their species takes place. Some experiments from the greys have resulted in bizarre alien creatures with long legs, like in this photo. Looks like this one might have escaped.

2. The Pleiadians
The Pleiadians are described as a beautiful species similar to humans with Nordic qualities and are responsible for colonizing several planets. They have made superior advancements in exploration. When this species was invaded by the Reptilians, they quickly developed life elsewhere but are still in a constant struggle for control of the constellation of Lyra. The Pleiadians have the power to teleport. Some believe the pleiadians are the inspiration for the Gods of the Vikings like Odin and Thor. They are an easygoing species and can be easily reached by telepathic and psychic communications. Or maybe not so easy if you put it that way.

1. Sirian Hybrids
These aliens are extremely evolved and are 10’s of thousands of years more advanced than us. They currently reside in the sirius star solar system, which is one of the brightest stars in the universe but have made contact with humans in the past. The aliens depicted in the movie avatar are reportedly share a resemblance very similar to the Sirian Hybrids. They have a bluish colored skin, about our height but slightly taller, very muscular and have advanced eye hand coordination. Their society is much like how we hope our to be someday, specializing in architecture, clean fuel sources, teleporting and symmetric geometry. Mastering in using solar power for every form of transportation and energy, their planet, is remarkably clean and they value a high standard of living. They helped humans build the pyramids and will most likely be involved in advancements our future technology

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